The Kozel Family

The Kozel Family

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Festivals and a Baking Extravanganza

We've had a busy week!  On Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Chunkin Festival in Howard, PA.  It was very breezy so we were chilled to the bone.  There were all sorts of craft vendors, food, and of course, the chunkin machines. 
Wyatt's favorite part of the festival--the funnel cake

I guess the chunkin wasn't exciting enough for Lily.  Or maybe she swooned from the excitement of it all.

There was a big machine and a mini-one.  Each pumpkin was sponsored by a local business or organization.  Due to police tape, this was as close as we could get. 

Some of the festival workers drove out in boats to collect the broken pumpkin pieces.  The loudspeaker informed us that they were reusing the pieces as pig feed.  Central PA recycling!  

Favorite pic of the day

We bought this hat at the festival.  The woman who made it was busy knitting as we checked out.

The "fruit" of Wyatt's labor.  :)
Wyatt is doing a rubbing from a rubber fish. Maybe this was sponsored by the Fish and Game Commission?

Lily liked watching other kids doing crafts.

The bravest woman at the festival.  Yes, that's a real hammer.  Wyatt is vigorously pounding a fall leaf so that the pigment will transfer onto the fabric.

Fun times!

The thirty minute hayride that probably should have been fifteen.

  Wyatt stuck his head out of the slats to check out the scenery while Grandma held onto his coat.

Lily took turns whining and crying with the other babies on the hayride.  At least she had some company in her misery.

Finally back to the car.  Lily almost made it.

Sunday we went to the Bellefonte Fall Festival at Talleyrand Park.  Although it was the same temperature as Saturday, the lack of wind and multitude of sunshine made for a wonderful day!
Lily, you look like you're a high-fashion model posing for a perfume ad.

Wyatt was excited to try out his duck calling skills that he's been honing for a while.

The ducks didn't respond, which disappointed all of us.

Lily had a great time.  Zzzzzzzzzzz...

Wyatt kept trying to toss his pennies into the top fountain but they always bounced off. 

Wyatt endured a heavy-handed 20 minute personalized sermon to get these balloons.  Way to go, buddy!

Since our weekend was fairly uneventful, we decided to have Bella, Leo, and Priya over on Tuesday for a Halloween-cookie-and-cupcake-making-and-decorating-extravaganza!!
Notice how clean the island is at this moment...

Leo was not that into the cookie decorating.  He just wanted to snuggle.

Jen stopped by to say hi and we held her hostage for the rest of the evening. THANK YOU,  Jen for all of your help!

Notice the flour on Grandma's cheek.  It was a full-contact evening.

Wyatt was a sweaty mess.

Other Happenings:
Wyatt, you help me nowadays by holding Lily in the tub while I scrub her.  That makes things a lot easier!

STOP THE PRESSES!!!  The boy that will only eat unsalted, canned vegetables is eating what?!?!?  A RAW carrot?!?!?    School lunches finally broke him of his revulsion.  Hooray!

We are headed to a ThrillerFest tonight--more info and hopefully some cool pics to follow.  Also today is Wyatt's Halloween parade at school.  The hot dog fits perfectly, now.  Thanks, Grandma!

Daddy has gotten a cow (a girl elk) and is still hunting for a bull.  I asked Daddy how the fishing is going and he reported that the nearby lake is completely frozen over.  Oops!   They also got about a foot of snow.   He's still having a great time and should be home Sunday evening.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Surprise, a Baptism, and a Hot Dog... oh my!

I need to figure out how to post more often.  I have lots of news.

     Sunday, Oct 2:  There we were, sitting in the balcony at church, and you decided to start chewing on my knuckle.  (This is one of your favorite pastimes.)  As you were munching,  I felt something very tiny and very sharp poking my finger, almost like a little piece of hard plastic.  I immediately looked in your mouth and holy moly!  You had the teensiest bit of tooth sticking out!  I was so excited that I told Wyatt all about it right in the middle of a prayer.  He was excited, too!   Wyatt didn't get his first tooth until he was eight months old, so for you to get yours at four and a half months was quite a shocker to everyone. 

     That event began what I like to call the "Angry Baby" stage of your life.  It turns out that you were actually cutting two teeth at once, and you were NOT happy about it.  For the next three days you were very cranky.  I tried teethers, wet washcloths, and even a cold carrot, but you were not pleased.  At all.  The only thing  that seemed to calm you down was nursing.  So, you and I were literally inseparable for a few days.  You were also a wreck because you'd only sleep about fifteen minutes at a time. It was a challenge, but by the end of the week you were doing much better.  Great timing, because the next weekend was your baptism.

     Sunday, Oct. 9:  We had lots of people stand up for you at the baptism:
Me, your dad, Wyatt, Grandma, Papaw, Nona, Papa, Aunt Anita, Amelia, Aunt Jamie, Uncle Dave, Hannah,  Aunt Lorraine, Uncle Mike, Shelly, Shon Rowan, Priya and Bella Poehner, Chad and Jen Illig, Russ and Patty Keller, Peggy Hoover,  MaryAnna and Doc Brown, Marie and Donn Frazier, Eileen and Morgan Lang, and Natalie Gedon.  I think that was everybody.  You are LOVED!

     We dressed you in the baptismal gown that I wore.  Papaw was baptized in it, too!  You also wore a cross necklace that was your sister's.  You looked beautiful.

The entire time we were in the front of the church you kicked your legs and waved your hands and charmed the preachers' socks off.

You were very interested in the baptismal fount, and after Pastor Ed sprinkled you with water he leaned you down so you could put your hand into the water.

Grandma told me afterward that she was nervous you were going to spit up in the holy water.  I didn't think of it at the time, but you are a constant puker like your brother used to be.  I'm very thankful you kept it all in until after the ceremony!

You continue to have this "stranger-danger" personality, but you were wonderful for all of the preachers--not one cry.  You decided instead to scream the entire way home. (Ah, yes, the car seat horrors continue.)  Once we got home you were so exhausted that you crashed for over two hours--straight through your party.  I finally had to wake you up so you could say goodbye to your guests!  :)   You are a child of God, and you are blessed to have so many wonderful people who are dedicated to help you along your path.

     You had a very important job at Lily's baptism.  You helped Pastor Eric pour the holy water into the fount.  You were very serious about your responsibility, and I was so proud of you.  It's amazing how much you've grown.  At Faith's baptism, you grabbed your crotch and clomped around singing, "Yo, ho, ho! Yo, ho, ho!" like some sort of deranged pirate.  What a change a few years makes!

     It's almost Halloween.  On November 1st of last year you chose your costume for this year.  Most kids change their minds several times before the big day, but not you.  You've never wavered in your desire to be... a hot dog!  So, it finally came in the mail last week.  We'd been waiting and waiting.  You tried it on and the "one size fits all" claim is obviously for "all" who are taller than you.  Grandma told us she could help shorten it so you aren't tripping on your bun!

Crazy Hair day at Marion-Walker Elementary

You had TONS of glitter spray on your "faux-hawk"

Other Happenings:
      Daddy is getting ready to drive to Colorado on Tuesday.  He is going to be gone for ten days on an elk hunt.  He is really excited.  He's been gathering and laying out supplies for a few weeks.  Having never done this before, he's not really sure what he's getting into but he just can't wait!  While he is gone, Grandma will be here to help me take care of you two.  I'm sure we'll have a great time together. Maybe Lily will be able to work on being held by someone other than me!  Wyatt will have a blast playing games and reading stories with Grandma.  Daddy promised he'd call--he'll have a satellite phone--so we will be able to hear his voice.   Have fun and be safe!