The Kozel Family

The Kozel Family

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


March has certainly come in like a lion!  Yay for snow days because it means I am the blog-updating queen!

This past weekend we went to Pittsburgh to celebrate Amelia's third birthday and Bennett's baptism.  Wyatt discovered Minecraft (thanks, Addie and Emery) and was holed up in the basement with Em for most of the visit.  Lily spent her time playing with her Mimi and getting carried around by the girls.  Ken and I got to have some great visiting time with the fam.  We both ate way too much food.  Lily and I spent lots of quality time in the church restroom during the baptism--good times all around! 

Yesterday we went to a gym with the Tuels to run around some and then we hung at their house for a while.  I also got a new phone, which meant that Wyatt and Lily spent almost 2 hours being VERY GOOD in the Verizon store.  I only had to grit my teeth twice which, considering the circumstances, was pretty amazing.  

March looks like it will be a great month! 

February Wrap Up

It's Tuesday (and snow day #2 for the week) so I thought I'd play catch up.

Wyatt's basketball is officially over for the year.  His team had a great season, and they came in second in the playoffs.  Wyatt learned the tough lesson that losing stinks, but second place isn't too bad.  :)  All of my game pictures ended up blurry (I guess there was just too much action for me and my poor camera) but here are a few that were ok.

We'll say he made this one.

Getting his "Best Defensive Player" award.

Papa, Amelia, and Lily were awesome cheerleaders!

The Bulldogs--very tired after the championship game

It was a brutally cold and snowy month with most of our time spent inside.  As a plus, we spent a lot of time with the Tuels in February!
At the Wow Factory again.  Wyatt is making a napkin holder to look like a taco.  Lily is doing her thing.  The Tuels were on the other side of the table.
 Ted and Wyatt are really enjoying each other.  I love that they are growing up together.

The older boys playing Madden.  The younger boys NOT standing in front of the TV screen.

Other February events:  
  • We went to Dinosaur Days, a traveling robotic exhibit that I thought was overpriced for what it ended up being.  Nonetheless, the kids LOVED it so I guess it was worth it!

We saw our friends there and had a great time playing together.

  • Wyatt, his friend Brodee, and I went to Olive Garden and then to see the Lego movie one day.  It was fantastic!  I would go back tomorrow to see it again.  A few days later, Brodee and his grandparents took Wyatt to Wisp for some tubing fun.  It was about 60 degrees that day (WOW!). Wyatt loved it--I think we're going to have to plan a tubing trip next winter.

  •  We bought land!  We are now in the midst of doing everything else before we actually break ground.  (Planning, planning, planning, budgeting, planning, and planning.)  The search for a new home has been an interesting and stressful one, and I'm afraid to actually buy into the fact that we are making progress.  I keep waiting for the bottom to drop out of this somehow.  For now, however, we are full speed ahead!  It is a great piece of property--2 acres--and closer to Fairmont where we both work. 
View from the front to the back
View from the sledding hill in the back to the front of the property
  • Ken and Lily made cupcakes!  
Thanks for the memories, February 2014!