The Kozel Family

The Kozel Family

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


As it is almost February, I think it's about time to catch up on everything!

We began a new tradition this Christmas--the Elf on the Shelf.   We had to name him so his magic could begin, and thus Zacch became a  member of our family.  He came with one important rule:  we were not allowed to touch him or his magic would go away.  Each night until Christmas Eve, Zacch traveled to the North Pole and reported everything to Santa. Every morning we had to search high and low to find him again.  Zacch was quite mischievous at times.

Zacch left with Santa on Christmas Eve, not to return until next December.  We'll miss you, buddy! 

Wyatt:  "How will Santa be able to fill my underwear?  All of the stuff will just fall out of the leg holes!" 

After this letter appeared, Wyatt was on his BEST behavior.

Santa was much happier with Wyatt once he started behaving himself.

Zacch's ride.  It was always parked near him in the morning.

Perfect book choice for him!

I could hear you giggling when you found him this day, Wyatt.  You were very impressed that Zacch could get all of his friends AND the game from way down in the basement up into our dining room.

The triumphant winner. 

A formidable opponent.  I think the short arms were a disadvantage, though.

We decided that we would put some cookies on our island so we wouldn't have to dig them out of the tins in the garage all the time.  I put a TON of cookies on this plate and wrapped them nicely.  When we came downstairs the next morning, we found this.  We couldn't believe it.  Zacch must have had a tummy ache after all of that.

Using Lily's burpcloth to keep warm.

Wyatt's school had theme days this week.  This was "Dress Like a Present" Day.  I guess Zacch wanted in on the fun, too!

He must have built this to welcome Uncle Jim, who came in later that day.
He was tricky to find on this day!

The last day of his assignment with us.