The Kozel Family

The Kozel Family

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day=Blog Day

We are home again for another snow day, and I find that it is time to reboot the blog. 

      I have been having a lot of fun lately sharing some of my favorite movies from when I was a kid with Wyatt.  He has recently discovered Spaceballs, The Goonies, and The Neverending Story.  I loved watching these movies with him because I remember how great the experience was when I saw them for the first time.  Wyatt's favorite has been Spaceballs, which even though a bit inappropriate at times, is HILARIOUS.
     He has also been busy playing basketball.  The church-based league he played in last year disbanded, so he is playing with his brand-new school league.  Some of our friends from football and baseball are playing on Wyatt's team, which has made it a fun reunion.

Working on his shooting technique with assistant coach, Daddy.

This picture does not do your defensive skills justice, Wyatt.  Grandma says you are on the other team like a coat.  I agree--you are an animal.

Wyatt shooting a foul shot.  It is amazing how much he's grown as a player since last year!
   Our other big obsession right now is Harry Potter.  Wyatt and I are in the middle of the fourth book--we read a smidge every night.  Once we're done with a book we celebrate by watching the movie.  We both love the series--what a joy it is to share it with him!!
  School has been going really well for Wyatt.  He has tons of fun in his TAG program, where he has studied units in bread and Germany, respectively.  He also got to be the Grinch in his second grade's readers theater performance just before Christmas. 
After the performance.  We got the shirt especially for the part.

The grandparents all came to watch Wyatt play the Grinch and then we went to lunch.  It was really fun to have everyone together.

Our attempt at a sweet mother/children portrait.  Lovely.
          Lily, I apologize.  I wanted this blog to be a way to remember the details as you grew like crazy, especially the first few years.  As you can see--I've failed at that one!  So, let's just start fresh, shall we?

     Lily is enjoying day care for the most part.  She started off last year screaming for almost 3 weeks straight, and now she just needs an extra cuddle from Miss Mary or Miss Brenda and she's good to go. While last year she was only interested in the teachers, this year she is playing more with other kids and enjoying herself.  She especially likes painting and anything to do with glitter.

     Lily is starting to incorporate  little catch phrases into her conversations.  Her latest is , "Pweese?  Wif sugar and pickles?!?!?"  It's hard to say no to that!  She also tells me to "Hold on just a minute. Be patient!"  Geesh.    We have a family tradition where we go around and tell about our days at the dinner table.  Lily ALWAYS goes first, and she ALWAYS starts the same way:

Us:  Lily, how was your day?
Lily:  Sooooo,  it was goooood.  I played wif my fwennnnnnds.

     It doesn't matter if she had the best day or the worst, we always hear this first.  Then she'll tell us how someone took her toys or she got to eat Miss Mary's lunch, or something along those lines.  She wants her sharing turn to last forever, so if I try to wrap it up and move on to Wyatt she simply starts over. 

"Soooooo, it was goooood..."  

    Lily is also obsessed with taking care of her babies.  Santa gave her lots of baby care supplies for Christmas, so she is in heaven!  Lily will change them, feed them, put them in time out, and then repeat, repeat, repeat.   We get shushed often because the babies are sleeping, and I find myself on babysitting duty as Lily has to go to "work" quite a  bit.  Lily also is my little helper in the kitchen.  She gets out the stool and sets up right beside me, ready to assist at a moment's notice.  Her favorite job is running the mixer.

First day of Daycare 2013-2014 school year
Sweet girl.

     January was a month of firsts for Lily.  She got her hair cut for the first time and had an impromptu dental cleaning.  Both went WAY better than I expected.  
You look so little in this chair!  We got a few inches taken off and some layer put in.  Your hair is not so tangle-filled now.  We love it!

The finished product!  And the elk head in the background.  Sigh.

Lily wasn't too thrilled to do this even after she saw Wyatt sail through his cleaning.  The only thing that got her in the chair was the promise that she'd get to call her cousin Amelia and tell her all about it.

She was so good for the whole cleaning.  Our hygienist was super nice and kept her very comfortable.

      So, this is our life right now.  Not too shabby--I'll take it.