The Kozel Family

The Kozel Family

Monday, July 25, 2011

The beginning

Well, I've decided to take a cue from my wonderful cousins and start a blog for you, my kids.  I try to take lots of pictures to document our lives, but they don't really tell the whole story.  This is where I'll record the funny things you say, the milestones you cross, and any other parts of our lives that I don't want to forget.

     I can't believe you are 2 months old already.   You've just found the joy of the exersaucer, which has been great.  You haven't really liked laying back in a bouncy seat or on the couch--you've always wanted to sit UP!  Now you are strong enough to sit up in the exersaucer, so you are much happier.  It is so amazing watching you try to grab the toys on the side of the saucer.  I can see you concentrating,  but you just can't seem to figure out how to touch them.  Today you started moving the rattle a bit.  I think it surprised you!
        You have started to smile more, too.  I can't explain to you how it feels when you see your sweet little baby smiling back at you--you'll know someday when you're a mom.  You seem to be happiest in the mornings, and your changing table is obviously hilarious.  You could be starving from a long night's rest, but if I put you on your changing table you immediately start smiling and cooing.   You're a nut.
      I'm not sure you know what to make of Wyatt, yet.  You love to watch him as he sings to you.  When he gets really excited you sometimes get upset. Most of the time, though, you smile at him and your arms and legs go crazy!

     My sweet, sweet boy.  You have adjusted so well to being a big brother.  Lily is so small still that she needs help with everything, and you are always understanding when I spend extra time with her.  You are going to daycare three days a week, which keeps you really busy having fun with your friends.  You really like playing with Quentin, Aiden, and Brady at school.  It seems like you were Lily's age just a minute ago.  You were so tiny and cute.  I don't really miss your baby days because I love the boy you have become.  You are SO funny.  You sing all of the time. You also make up your own knock-knock jokes.  One example:  Knock, knock.  Who's there?   Milk.  Milk who?  Milk. I drank all of my milk!    I know, it's weird, but we laugh anyway!
     You love Spongebob and watching movies.  We just bought you a Spongebob backpack for Kindergarten.  You are so excited to start "big boy school."  You looked so much older when you tried on your backpack that I gasped a little.  You are ready to go to school, though.  You are such a great reader.  You like to use a baby voice when Biscuit barks in your books because you say that Biscuit is a puppy.  I need to get a video of you reading that!

I love you both very much.