The Kozel Family

The Kozel Family

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


March has certainly come in like a lion!  Yay for snow days because it means I am the blog-updating queen!

This past weekend we went to Pittsburgh to celebrate Amelia's third birthday and Bennett's baptism.  Wyatt discovered Minecraft (thanks, Addie and Emery) and was holed up in the basement with Em for most of the visit.  Lily spent her time playing with her Mimi and getting carried around by the girls.  Ken and I got to have some great visiting time with the fam.  We both ate way too much food.  Lily and I spent lots of quality time in the church restroom during the baptism--good times all around! 

Yesterday we went to a gym with the Tuels to run around some and then we hung at their house for a while.  I also got a new phone, which meant that Wyatt and Lily spent almost 2 hours being VERY GOOD in the Verizon store.  I only had to grit my teeth twice which, considering the circumstances, was pretty amazing.  

March looks like it will be a great month! 

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