The Kozel Family

The Kozel Family

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy birthday, Wyatt!

     Wyatt is officially 8 YEARS OLD.  Crazy! 
Kozel Family Tradition:  The birthday person gets to use fancy toilet paper. Wyatt was pretty excited to see this when he woke up this morning!

     On Friday, we had the Tuels over for a pizza/movie mini-party to kick off the birthday celebrations.  We watched the first part of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and the kids played some.  Wyatt picked out Superbowl-themed cupcakes for dessert. 

Oh, Seahawks...why can't your colors be white and ivory?

Once the evening had progressed and everyone was zonked, the Tuels went home and left Ted here to spend the night.  The boys had fun looking at an I Spy book before conking out around 10pm. 

     On Saturday Wyatt had two basketball games.  Ted cheered Wyatt on during the first and Grandma and Papaw came to the second.  Both were barn-burners, with us losing by ONE in the last seconds of each game.  Boo.  Wyatt was bummed, but at least we had birthday party #2 to look forward to in the afternoon! Nona, Papa, Aunt Anita, Amelia, Bennett, Shelly, Shon, Bailey, Lizzie, Uncle Mike, Aunt Lorraine, Lisa, Mikey, Great Nonnie, Grandma, and Papaw came to celebrate with us. 

A lot of people in a little townhouse.  Good thing we're all family!

Wyatt wanted cookie cake again this year.  He ate it on our "special day" family plate we made at the Wow Factory. 

           Today, on Wyatt's ACTUAL birthday, we had a two hour delay.  Wyatt was thrilled!  After school we went out to his favorite restaurant, Rio Grande. 
While I was snapping this picture, we heard, "Kozels!"  The Tuels were just finishing their meals!  They stopped over at the table to say hi and wish Wyatt a happy birthday.  :)

Always gets the same meal:  beef enchilada, beans, and fries. 

Lily was pretty happy about her food coming to the table!

As the restaurant staff was singing, one of the waiters grabbed a spoonful of the whipped cream and smeared a bit on Wy's nose.  Good times!
     We came home and Ken and Wyatt spent the rest of the evening building a new Lego treehouse.  It was a good day.  Happy birthday, buddy.  We love you! 

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